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You might say that Shamz was born to DJ. Having been exposed to several genres of music at a young age, he's developed an extensive music vocabulary. This allows him to assess the crowd in any venue and select just the right mix of music, ensuring the evening is fondly remembered by all those in attendance.

Learning the business from his father, professional DJ George Andrew, well known in his own right around Toronto and Manchester, England; Shamz spent the majority of his early years exploring his father's music collection and diligently honing his technical DJing abilities. In 1997 this dedication started to pay off as Shamz was invited to appear on the TV show “Stuff” where he demonstrated to viewers, his mastery of the turntables and the art of DJ mixing. This provided a taste for creative empowerment that has since driven his passion to seek-out new opportunities to supply music lovers with the soundtrack to some of their most memorable occasions.

Today Shamz has over 16 years' experience as a professional DJ performing in such legendary venues as: The Hard Rock Café, Foundation Room, Fez Batik and The Joker. He has become a staple in Toronto's entertainment culture; and in addition to providing quality music services at countless weddings and corporate events, Shamz' clientele has included: MLSE, Universal Music, Microsoft X-Box, Virgin Mobile, Nike Canada and the Toronto International Film Festival.

He has earned a trusted reputation for entertaining party-goers and with his passion and dedication to music; he will continue to do so for years to come.

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